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Past Is Past

First if all,
Fuhh, fuhh, shuhh, shuhh.
Too much waste, dust and shit on my blog.

Well ^^
Spm candidates before this.
Busy prepared for the best ever result.
In Shaa Allah, I will.

Today's topic?
Happiness? Love? Man?

Everyone knows that " Past is Past "
History taught us to be more careful, right?
But, people may ask the reason why I choose the pic.
Damn, truly, is all about my past.

Almost half years I keep silent, 
try to understand people around me.
Tried keep away from a person, called MAN :)

YES ! It's hurt. Really hurt.
All boys are same.
Thats why, im too scared,
scared to get marry.

History makes me learned who man are.
D*** , W**** and H****
Them makes me more tough and strong than before.
Remember what they had done,
makes me more confident to face this world.

Now, Im totally 18.
Become a big big big girl.
And now, 
Im ready to face the big world.

With the help of God,
I believe in myself.

Assalamaualaikum w.b.t.

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