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Kenapa Tajuk Itu Hari Ini Ek?
Sebab I Wanna Tell The World 
That Im Quiet Busy With Him
Always Fighting, Fighthing, And Fighting >.<
Tak Bosan Ke InRelay
Couples Always Fighting Likes Child * OhhMaiGodd !!
My Answer ? Of Course NOT !
Because Yes ! We Are YOUNG |^^|

Firtsly, To All My Handsome + Pretty Stalker Outside There (:
Im So Sorry Because Not Update Mt Blog
Like Before, Im BUSY >.<
Busy In Love With Mohd Firdaus :*
But After This Im Will Try My Best To Always Update My Buddy Blog

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Im Dont Know Why Im So Jealous When Know Him Chatting, Walling, Webcam-ing, Comment-ing, Joking, Calling Other Girls With Love Calls -.-
Aku Selalu Merajuk
Dalam Masa Yang Sama Dia Still Memujuk Aku Eventough Dia Tak Perasan Dia Dah Mula Pandai Memujuk Aku ^^

He Always Make Me Happy
With HIs Jokes, He Is SweetTalker -.-
Suka Buat Awek Lain Cair Dengan Kata Kata Dia
Now, He Had New Crush * DAMN 
In Fake Relay With His New Crusher -.-
Did Relay In Facebook Social Web 
And His New Crush 
- More Beautiful Than ME
- More Sweet Than ME
More Rich Than ME
- More Body Weight Than ME
- More Everything Than ME 
I Just Can Laugh And Laugh :D :D
Hope They Will Happy Ever After ;p

Looks This !

Just Wanna Tell The World
Looks At His Shirt
Whaat? Whaat? Whaat?
Yes, He Loves Mozac
Starian Loves Mozacian?
Ouh, So Sweet ^^
Mozac? My Proudly, Premier School In Malacca * winkwink
Actually, He Doesn't Love My School
But, He Love Someone In My School
But Who? Only He Knows The Truth Answer ^^

Now, He At His Grandpa's House
He's Bored -.-
So Saaaad Bebeh :'(
Nevermind, I Will Accompany You Until You Die ^^


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