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Only Him Forever Him ❤

Hey Hey World ^^
Today Im So Happy
Why? Because He
He? Why He? Who He?

Let Me Tell The World
My SuperBiyy

As You Know 
He Is Firdaus Zaki
Star Students * hot school ^^
Fully Taken Since 10 June 2012
Awesome Boy
My Hubby My Papa My Everythings 

He Is Superb Duperb Awesome Handsome Boy
Eventough He Is More " Gatal "
But I Believe He (:
He Trying Hard To TakeCare Of Myself
Make My World More Wonderful And Colourful With Him " Hambar " Jokes 
Just Shut Up When I Angry With Him
He Never Hurt My Heart >.<

He Also Always Give Me Some Good Advise
Sang Me Some Love Song
Webcam With Me
Fullfill All My Wish
Promise To Be A Good Boypreng
And A Future Husband ^^

This Some Pics I Took Without His Permission * sorry ? 

Auwwm , He Is So Cute
He Like To Show His Naughty Face
Yeaha (!) Makes Me Smile EveryNight
Give Me Some Love Notes Before Going Sleep
Talk A Lot :D

There Nothing That I Can Say About Him

I Just Can Say That 
I Am Happy Be With Him
I Will Try The Best To Show My Love To Him

To Other People Outside Theres
Please Dont Take Him From Me
I Love Him So Muchh
I Dont Know How To Show It 

Be Away From Him Okay ?
He Is Mine Forever And Ever <3

❤ Past ❤ | ❤ Future ❤